In June 2021, Netflix released a new travel show calledThe World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” that showcased some of the most amazing Airbnb and VRBO properties in the world. The popularity of this show was huge, and it didn’t take long for Season 2 to be released. I researched the heck out of the properties from Season 1 to provide you with the booking links (click here if you are looking for those). And I am here to help you out again with an episode guide and the complete list of links to Netflix’s World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals for Luxury, Budget and Unique Travel from Season 2. (Which of those three travel styles do you think appeals most to Touristish? Hmm…)

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September 14, 2021

Well that didn’t take long! Traveling hosts Jo Franco, Megan Batoon, and Luis Ortiz have hit the road again to scour the globe for the most amazing vacation rentals, with eight new episodes on Netflix. Vacation rentals are my preferred mode of lodging, so I’m appreciative of them doing the legwork to find the best ones. There aren’t a lot of hotel properties that are so special that I would change my vacation destination to visit, but that is not true for vacation rentals. Some of these vacations rentals are the destination. Read on to see the complete episode guide and list of properties with their booking links from Season 2 of The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix, so that you can make them your own destination. Let me know in the comments which property you want to visit first!

Netflix “…Vacation Rentals” Season 2

For those who are a fan of the sharing economy vacation companies, like Airbnb, VRBO, Grab, Lyft, Uber, Hipcamp, RVShare, WithLocals, GetYourGuide, etc., you will appreciate the work that the hosts of The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, Season 2 have gone through to find the most Unique, Budget and or Luxury vacation rentals in the world. However, Season 2 was filmed during COVID, so most of the property locations are in the United States. Hopefully they bring us a Season 3 soon and can get back out in the rest of the world!

If you find that Netflix has expensive taste, that their budget rentals aren’t-so-budget, and you want to see my list of the world’s most amazing vacation rentals, be sure to click here for my list of Amazing Vacation Rentals for Regular People!

(S2E1) Episode 1: Super Modern Stays

BUDGETThe Schwartz House – Two Rivers, Wisconsin, United States

UNIQUEInvisible House – Joshua Tree, California, United States

LUXURYThe Glass House – New Caanan, Connecticut, United States

(S2E2) Episode 2: Destination Weddings

LUXURYSunstone Villa Winery – Santa Ynez, California, United States

BUDGETCayo Loco – Eleuthera, Bahamas

UNIQUECasa San Jose – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Amazing Vacation Rentals that are Unique And Budget

(S2E3) Episode 3: Cabin Life

UNIQUECamp Rush – Adirondacks, New York, United States (Unfortunately, this property is no longer being rented, but it is for sale, if you have $5.5 million burning a hole in your pocket!)

LUXURYPa Gomo Estate – Telluride, Colorado, United States

BUDGETThe Sequoia House – Cazadera, California, United States

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Amazing Vacation Rentals that are Unique And Budget


(s2E4) Episode 4: Paranormal Places

BUDGETThe Inspiration House – Oberlin, Ohio, United States

UNIQUEArea 55 Futuro House – Joshua Tree, California, United States

LUXURYForrest Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon, United States

(S2E5) Episode 5: Give Back Getaways

LUXURYÁni Dominican Republic – Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

UNIQUEErik’s Ranch – Livingston, Montana, United States

BUDGETYoshino Cedar House – Yoshino, Japan

(S2E6) Episode 6: Eco Friendly

LUXURYCasa Xixim – Tulum, Mexico

BUDGETWonder Haus – Pagosa Springs, Colorado, United States

UNIQUE Ollero Eco Lodge – Rovaniemi, Finland

(S2E7) Episode 7: On the Waterfront

UNIQUEKingsley Grist Mill – Clarendon, Vermont, United States

BUDGET – Canoe Cove – Leavenworth, Washington, United States (This property was sold, and is no longer available to rent.)

LUXURYLong Bay Villas – Long Bay Beach, Anguilla

(S2E8) Episode 8: So Cal Style

BUDGETCasa Mimosa – Montecito, California, United States  (Bad news on this one! Since the filming of Amazing Vacation Rentals, this estate has been sold to new owners and is not available to rent.) 

UNIQUEThe Outlaw – Pioneertown, California, United States

LUXURYCasa di Pietra – Malibu, California, United States

Amazing Vacation Rentals that are Unique And Budget

Do You Agree?

Jo, Megan, and Luis have chosen awesome properties to inspire travel and inspire staying in vacation rentals through websites like Airbnb and VRBO. Would you agree that they found the most amazing vacation rentals? Which ones are you most excited about? Which ones would you add to their list? (No, really, I want to know! Tell me in the comments below!) For me, personally, on the Eco Friendly episode, I’m disappointed that they didn’t stay in one of the Earthships outside of Taos, New Mexico. 

I also have some amazing vacation rentals I will share with you on this site. But, as you can see the site is quite new, and building up that library takes some time. But, subscribe to my email newsletter,  and you will be the first to know when my travel ideas (mostly in the UNIQUE category) post. And if my articles aren’t going up fast enough for you, hit me up through email or social media and I’m happy to provide you with advice and ideas! 

Amazing Vacation Rentals that are Unique And Budget

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Touristish is reader-supported. When you buy through links on this site, I may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend lodging and products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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